"Steve and Bob give us deep insight into the philosophy and thinking essential to making Lean healthcare a way of putting innovative ideas to work to achieve breakthrough performance for patients, team members, and the institution"
- Jeffrey K. Liker, professor and author of The Toyota Way

"The Scott & White system, at the time this book was written, counted 2,000 implemented ideas for improvement from employees per week from their 16,000 employees, this in an environment that included recent budget and staff cuts. That number is unheard of in my experience outside of a few automotive manufacturers, mainly Toyota and some of its suppliers. That level of employee engagement is for me the sine qua non of a successful Lean implementation supported by a robust Lean management system."
- David Mann, Ph.D., Shingo Prize-Winning Author of Creating a Lean Culture
​      The joint wisdom and experience of Hoeft/Pryor makes this book both fun to read and a great resource for organization leaders and internal consultants tasked with improving processes. While the fit for healthcare is obvious, the practices they have so succinctly described will benefit any workplace.

Cindy Jimmerson, Author and Founder of Lean Healthcare West
       The Power of Ideas to Transform Healthcare is an invaluable tool for any organization seeking to align their objectives from the system level to the front line—and that should be all organizations. In it, Hoeft and Pryor describe a practical approach to developing a culture of continuous improvement by engaging employees in problem-solving and developing a management system to support it at all levels​.

Chris Van Gorder, Pres. and Chief Executive Officer, Scripps Health
       This book is built upon rock-solid foundations, bringing the daily Lean management system to life through their stories and examples. Hoeft and Pryor colorfully demonstrate how staff ideas and a broader Lean management system greatly benefit patients, staff, physicians, and the health system. This book is full of inspiration and practical advice for everybody who needs to participate actively in a Lean transformation, starting with the CEO and other senior leaders. This is a must-read.

Mark Graban, Author of Lean Hospitals and Co-Author of Healthcare Kaizen