Hello. I am an engineer, teacher and award-winning author applying Toyota Production System (TPS) and best practices in healthcare to build a strong Culture of Continuous Improvement.. It works! 
Getting A Little Better Every Day:
through applying lean thinking and TPS principles
  • Chief of Operations Excellence, Baylor Scott & White Health
  • Served as Coach and Sensei to 100's of top healthcare leaders
  • Integrates CI efforts into ONE: process, qual, safety, service, etc. 
  • Developer and key instructor at University of Texas TEEE’s Lean for Healthcare, and Advanced Certificate Programs.
  • Stories From My Sensei: Won a 2011 Shingo Prize - Research and Publication Award, the highest award for CI publications!
  • Contributing author: J. Liker’s Toyota Way to Continuous Improvement
  • The Power of Ideas Won a 2015 Shingo Prize - Research and Publication Award, and is getting great reviews!
"Steve is a real sensei. His presentations captivate students.  His enthusiasm is contagious. When Steve writes about the TPS House it is not just an abstraction.  It is something he lives. He can vividly picture it in every operation.  He can guide the organization through the journey to build a real system. You will enjoy Steve’s stories that will bring the house to life!
-Dr. Jeffrey Liker, Professor and author of The Toyota Way

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2011 & 2015 Shingo Award Winners!