Steve successfully built CI/TPS/Lean practices for growing organizations. He integrates many improvement efforts into a common system, enabling every staff member to improve every important measure, every day! Steve helped build Lean services at consulting orgs including Optiprise (Jeff Liker's consulting firm), growing revenue at one org to a $25MM backlog before its spin-off. His desire to help transform Healthcare Pharma and Biosciences drove Steve to build practices to many clients and develop internal Coaches. Steve is a thought-leader nationally. He uses a simple, 3-pronged strategy:

1. Training the Minds - Learning to Transform & Think Lean:
Steve uses his arsenal of slides and modules to quickly develop tailored courses. These courses employ one or more of his 30+ hands-on simulations, involve the participant's own projects during training, and get them out of their chairs more than half the time. Transformational rapid cycle projects and Idea Huddles are required immediately after to hard-wire what was learned.

2. Deploying Strategy and Performance Services, starting with the C-level:
While at Johnson Controls, Steve experienced Hoshin Kanri modeled in an excellent way at Toyota and Nissan. He helped adapt these principles to multiple industries to deploy their strategies. He then helps link and align all goals, projects, CI efforts, huddle boards and staff to achieve breakthrough results! Steve used Hoshin to align goals and efforts for all associates from the CEO all the way UP to front-line staff.

3. Daily Management Systems-building (DMS):
Steve helps organizations unleash the Power of ideas - thousands daily by building DMS and daily Idea Huddles. His previous org implemented over 75,000 Ideas in FY18 alone!  Pick up a copy of The Power of Ideas to see how you can engage 100% of your staff as well.

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"The only way to truly learn lean/TPS is by actually doing it. Steve relates his own learning struggles, which helped him understand and implement the principles of lean."

- Jim Huntzinger, founder and President of Lean Accounting SummitTWI Summit, and Lean and Green Summit
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